Instructor: Attorney's Bill Clark and Eric Harris
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Nuts and Bolts of Wills and Trusts - What Happens When Things Go Wrong?
Monday, September 25th, 2017

Benefits of having a Trust:

A. What is Trustee of a Trust?
B. Cost Issues:
- fees
- no trust

C. Why avoid probate:
- what is probate?
- probate in other States

D. Ways to avoid probate:
- Create a Trust
- Revocable Deed and issues

Future of State Technology

A. Other States
B. What your Clients should do
C. How probate sale works
- what a realtor should do for probate sale
- red flags to avoid
obtaining comparables for probate attorney

What is Trust Litigation:

A. Lawsuits against the Trustee
- accounting
- misuse of Trust assets
B. Removal of the Trustee

C. Lawsuits against other Beneficiaries
- wrongful taking of Trust assets
D. Breach of Trust

Probate procedure rules
- different from civil/business uses
Setting Aside Trust and Will
- lack of capacity: definition
- evidence, Doctors
- undue influence: Definition
- fraud: definition
- duress: definition
- mistake: definition

Elder abuse: definition
- while elder is alive
- after elder passes away

No Contest Clause
Statute of limitations

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