Instructor: Sandee Schumann
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Non-Member Cost: $89
Time: 9:00am-1:00pm
Location: SBAOR Hall
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Professional Property Management 2-Single Family Homes and Two-to-Four Unit Residences
Monday, October 23rd, 2017

This four (4) hour course will provide real estate professional with a thorough understanding of the single family rental housing market. Learn the fundamental concepts and forces that drive the rental marketplace along with the requirements, responsibilities, procedures, and processes involved to establishing a successful property management business.

How you benefit from taking this course:
•Identify the most likely sources of property management clients and prospective tenants
•Learn how to comply with legal issues and Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) licensing requirements for all new property management businesses
•Understand how to complete the C.A.R. Standard Form - Property Management Agreement (PMA)
•Explain and perform the daily management duties expected of a professional property manager

This course covers:
•The Single Family Home Rental Market ◦Understanding the market and marketplace
◦Financial crisis and the rental market
◦The inventory source
◦The tenant source
◦The property management opportunity

•Getting Started: Opening Your Business ◦Business plan, operating procedures and policy
◦Office administration

•Qualifying Clients ◦Prospecting and referrals
◦Accepting a new client or property

•The Property Management and Rental Agreements ◦The C.A.R. Standard Forms Property Management Agreement (PMA)
◦Rental and lease agreements

•Property Management Operations ◦Administrative operations
◦Property care and maintenance Facebook Twitter