Instructor: Yaxkin Rony Velasquez-MaYa Team Realtors
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Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Location: SBAOR Hall
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The Real Estate Process...Demystified
Monday, April 29th, 2019

Having Challenges Generating Income?

If you do. This class is for you. its an all-day training and you will get all the material free.
Most agents and even some coaches make the real estate process sound like an impossible enterprise. In this class you will learn:

The Step by Step Real estate process explained
How to break down the processes to buckets that are easy to understand, easy to put in place and easy to take action on.
The most difficult part of the process and how to avoid it.
How to create a perfect process for your business.
The secrets to success in the Real Estate process.
Tips and Tricks plus Secret tools you can use immediately.
And Much more.
These are the Materials you will get:
A copy of the class material.
My personal and confidential Scripts and Dialogs book.
Audio and Video training.
All the sources of systems to put in place.
And much, much more Facebook Twitter