What is a better way to spend your time, than getting free training? You can take FREE MLS classes at the SBAOR that will help you better understand how to use the MRMLS Matrix system and improve your ability to service your clients. The best part is... THE CLASSES ARE FREE!!!

Below is a list of courses offered through the SBAOR. Please check the online course calendar for dates and times. Click here for the MLS Course Calendar.

All of the courses are FREE to all SBAOR members and MLS only members in good standing (non-members are not permitted to take any MLS classes). Any member who does not show up or has not cancelled at least 48 hours before the date of the scheduled class or is more than five minutes late will have to reschedule and a $50 no show fee will be charged to your account. The $50 payment must be paid prior to rescheduling, attending future courses or making store purchases. If this is a mandatory requirement you must reschedule to prevent interruption of your MLS access. All registrants must attend the entire class to avoid the $50 no show fee.

Introduction to MRMLS, Basic Matrix and Adding a Listing Workshop (4 hours)
This Matrix Workshop covers an extensive overview each of the primary functionalities of the MRMLS and Matrix system. The first session is "Basic Matrix". This session will give you a basic understanding of the MLS tools and resources.

Topics Include:
  • Training Resources
  • Support
  • Logging In
  • Matrix Overview of all Tabs:
    *home *search *my matrix *add/edit * finance * roster *realist tax *pinpoint *smart trac *mlsl *help
This class will also include a basic search, a basic understanding of search results, email and printing of listings.

The second session is "Listing Management".

Topics Include:
  • Logging in
  • MRMLS data policy
  • Getting Help
  • Adding a Listing
  • Managing Photos and supplements
  • Listing modifications and info
  • Open House
This workshop is 4 hours long with an hour break. This is a mandatory workshop for all new SBAOR members.

Intermediate Matrix Training (3 hours)
The Intermediate Matrix course picks up on topics in the introductory workshop to further your understanding of the Matrix system.

Topics Include:
  • Advanced Search Techniques
  • Customizing Hot Sheets
  • Advanced and Auto Email
  • MRMLS Matrix Mobile
  • Public Property Search
  • System Requirements
This class is intended for those who have already taken the introductory workshop and / or have a good working understanding of the Matrix system. This course is 3 hours long. This time frame includes registration and testing time. This course offers 4 hours of CS continuing education credits which is optional to all attendees.

Advanced Matrix Training (3 hours)
Advanced Matrix course picks up on the topics in the introductory workshop and the Intermediate course to further your understanding of the Matrix System.

Topics Include:
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Reverse Prospecting
  • Custom Display and Exports
  • History
  • Roster
  • System Requirements
This class is intended for those who have already taken the introductory workshop and / or have a good working understanding of the Matrix system. This course is 3 hours long. This time frame includes registration and testing time. This course offers 4 hours of CS continuing education credits which is optional to all attendees.

Smart Fax (30 minutes)
Smart Fax provides you with a simple way to digitize, store and share your documents with others in safe and secure environment. Best of all, it is completely integrated with Smart Trac for seamless access and efficiency.

Topics Include:
  • Generating a fax coversheet
  • Customizing your inbox
  • Smart Fax document features

Basic Smart Trac (1 hour)
Smart Trac brings a powerful, feature-rich state-of-the-art technology platform to your real estate business. It will speed up listing-to-closing, improve client relationships and take productivity to a new level. When greater financial results and a stronger business are your goals, Smart Trac steps forward to assist you. Smart Trac allows agents to manage their files and transactions online.

Topics Include:
  • Creating a file
  • Adding Favorite Providers
  • Setting up Notifications
  • Adding a To Do list
  • Working from your To Do List
  • Adding participants
  • Ordering services
  • Uploading and faxing in documents
  • Updating Status
  • Creating a Document Package
Note: In order to use Smart Trac, members must either attend Classroom Training, Webinar Training or pass the Smart Trac Exam as part of our online curriculum.

Advanced Smart Trac (1 Ė 2 hours)
Topics Include:
  • How to fine tune your settings
  • Create a To Do template
  • Add or remove a service provider
  • Order services
  • Manage systems accounts
  • Import or export data (Import the online version of WINforms)

Mercado (1.5 hours)
How effective is your real estate marketing? As todayís sophisticated buyers and sellers turn away from mass marketing and information overload on the Web, they are looking for targeted neighborhood knowledge thatís relevant to their needs. Mercado is a cross MLS search engine. It's a single source of MLS listing information from multiple MLS's throughout California for Real Estate professionals only. Take your data to a new level like never before!! Topics Include:
  • Searching
  • Reporting
  • New Google Maps
  • Utilizing the new Mercado IDX feature
We also will show you how the Mercado system fully integrates an unbelievable, easy to use MLS Marketing Suite, with 1-click buttons to import your Mercado properties (Northern and Southern California) directly into dynamic CMA, Buyer Tour, and Design Center custom marketing reports.

Realist Tax (1 hour)
Realist Tax combines MRMLS, Public Record data, Mapping, and Marketing Information Data into a single tool! It allows brokers and agents full access to data such as tax rates, streets maps, sales comparables and more. Use Realist Tax to search Public Record Data using owner name, address, street, telephone numbers, tax ID, or Assessorís Parcel Number.

Topics Include:
  • Searching Techniques
  • Generating a Foreclosure Activity Search
  • Getting comparables and creating CMA Reports
  • Generating Neighborhood Profile Reports
  • Creating mailing labels
  • Printing, Emailing and Getting Parcel Maps
  • Getting Flood and Grant Deed images

How to Create a CMA Report (1 hour)
Learn how to create a comparative market analysis presentation using MRMLS Matrix. You will learn how to save and modify your CMA presentation. And create a Buyer and Sellerís Net sheet that you can give to your clients.

Topics Include:
  • Buyer & Seller Net Sheets
  • Map Search
  • Key word Search Techniques
  • Date Search
  • CMA Presentation

New MRMLS Features: Matrix 5.0 (1 hour)
Learn the latest features and enhancements that MRMLS has to offer. MRMLS is constantly looking and providing for cutting edge technology for its members. Many of its enhancements are taught using MRMLS Matrix, Realist, Smart Trac, Smart Fax, and others. You will learn how to use these new features in the respective system.

Tricks of the Trade (1 hour)
Learn different searching techniques to target specific listings that fit your clientís needs. Learn how to incorporate a public MLS search page on your website and how to search listings using your mobile phone.

Topics Include:
  • Key Word Searching Techniques
  • Date Specific Searching Techniques
  • Map Searching Techniques
  • Farming Foreclosures
  • IDX Solution
  • MRMLS Mobile

Click here for the MLS Course Calendar

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