Virtual Office Websites (VOWs) are Internet sites operated by brokers and agents through which they conduct online brokerage. VOW's enables Brokers and Agents to establish relationships and work with registrants (consumers) in cyberspace. Consumers who access VOWs can search and view all MLS listing data after registering and providing their name and email address to the participants. A VOW can be a website or page on a website. Consumers will need to sign a term of use agreement (provided by the Broker) to access the data and their passwords must be changed every 90 days.

Questions and Answers

Q. Who can operate a VOW?
A. Both Brokers and Agents of MRMLS can operate a VOW. Brokers are responsible for Agent VOW sites.

Q. What is the difference between a VOW and IDX feed?
A. VOW's allow you to pull more information than an IDX feed. IDX feeds allow for a limited set of data fields that you can display. The VOW feed allows you pull and display more fields than the IDX feed. Examples are on and off market listings such as active, sold and pending listings. VOW's are Brokerage online and as such can display and disseminate any information via the website that Brokers and Agents handle in brick and mortar (non online) offices today!

Q. Can the seller have the option to opt out of VOW?
A. The only option available is to opt out of internet display completely. The decision to opt-out must come from the seller and they must sign and acknowledge that they have opted out of internet display completely. This decision cannot be made by the broker. As a result, you or the seller cannot display their home on any internet websites or web pages such as, internet publications and etc. with the exception of display on the Broker's own VOW.

Q. What controls do Listing Brokers and Sellers have over VOWs?
A. The seller can restrict VOW's from displaying Automated Valuation Models (AVM), Blogs, and the address against their listing.

Q. As a broker/agent how can I sign up to get permission to have a VOW?
A. You will need to sign an agreement with MRMLS. That information will be available at or by calling 800-925-1525.

Q. How much will a VOW cost?
A. As a member of MRMLS, there is no charge for the data feed from MRMLS. Aggregating and displaying the data within the policy guidelines will be at a cost level negotiated between you and your Affiliated VOW Provider (AVP). The AVP is the company or person creating and setting up your Virtual Office Website.

Q. Where can I find more information VOWs?
A. Click here for more information