Instructor: Tamara Suminski
SBAOR Member Cost: $159
Non-Member Cost: $259
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Location: SBAOR Hall
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Seller Representative Specialist - SRS Designation (2 Day Course)
Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

The 2-day SRS Designation Course provides a comprehensive foundation of skill development, training and resources to help real estate professionals represent the interests of sellers in today's marketplace.

Students learn to:
Increase listings and grow their business
Demonstrate and communicate their value package to seller clients
Understand and apply the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice
Understand and comply with state license laws when representing sellers
Understand and apply methods, tools, and techniques to provide the support and services that sellers want and need

Learning Objectives
Generational Marketing
Differentiate between effective generational styles
Understand Senior, Boomer and Gen X & Y needs

Emerging Future Business Trends
Anticipate the needs of future seller clients

Prospecting for Business
Methods sellers use to find agents and methods buyers use to search for property
Define a target market for future business
Identify sphere and cold lead generators
Understand cultural marketing and prospecting
Drip system prospecting
Understand the effectiveness of each type of marketing method
Proper and improper conduct under Do Not Call laws
Solicitation and characteristics of FSBO objections
Understand the rules to seeking expired listings as new business

Listing Strategies
New and alternate business models
Office policy on agency and state laws and regulations
Forms, agreements and authorizations given to the seller when listing
Alternate listing strategies

Compensation Policies
Application of Standard of Practice 1-12, 16-1, 3-1, 16-16, 3-4
Identify how to implement their office policy's professional service fees
Demonstrate to seller how commission fees are split

Listing Models
Unbundling services and how service packages can reflect different service levels
Marketing service options
MLS entry only; Limited Services; Office Exclusives

Preparing for the Appointment
Key aspects of advance research for a listing appointment and seller counseling session
Existing Liens & Mortgages
CLUE Reports & Cautions
Short Sale Cautions
CMA Components
Absorption Rates & Analyses
Automatic Valuation Models (AVMs)

The Seller Counseling Session
Formulate pricing and marketing information
Reasons for the appointment
Topics to discuss at seller counseling session
Assess the listing

Setting the Stage - Pre-Sale Preparation
Process and reasons for staging a property
Reasons and marketing rationale for improvements
Identify sources of work / advice and cautions about recommendations
Disclosure of third party business relationships Standard of Practice 6-1

Marketing the Listing
Different venues for marketing including technology apps and different methods per survey data
Offline and Online marketing
Property marketing tools (including social media, photos, virtual tours, single property websites, traditional tools and others)
Different types of open houses and preparations for sellers
Objectives of different types of open houses and issue that arise

The auction process and value to sellers
Agent safety issues and resources
Sources of buyers and their processes in the home buying process
Call conversion methods to position the seller's property
Key question to ask prospects when beginning a relationship
Application of Standard of Practice 16-13
Considerations about photos/videos of listings and disclosures to sellers
Methods for feedback

Blueprint for a Successful Transaction
Handle multiple offer presentations by prioritizing the offers by type and quality based on seller's needs
Approaches to negotiation of the sale, depending on area and local/state law or custom
Understand performance contingencies in contract forms
Understand key areas of terms in common sale contracts
Understand terms for 'back-up' offers or contracts
Learn to look for false records, credits not on HUD1, and inflated appraisals (RESPA violations)

Presentation Methods
Understand different presentation methods, including key concepts in Standard of Practice 1-6
Understand agent's requirements to present offer and not delay presentation
Learn to process requested confidentiality agreements presented prior to the delivery of an offer
Application of Standard of Practices 1-13 and 1-15
Myths and misconceptions of multiple offers
Presenting multiple offers and the grid method
Clarifying questions to ask buyer representative, including counter offer patterns and strategies
Application of Standard of Practice 3-8
Learn to work with subsequent offers after accepted contract is in place

Inspection Phase
Understand the purpose of inspection and types available to sellers
Understand the listing agent's and co-op agent's roles and conduct at the inspection
Verification of repair requests
Seller options regarding defects

Pending Issues Prior to Closing
Identify and understand possible issues that can occur between contract and closing
Understand problems that can occur with personal property inclusions and exclusions
Application of Code of Ethics Article 9
Counter offer and negotiation strategy - how to handle last minute crisis before closing