Instructor: Michael Simpson
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Non-Member Cost: $45
Time: 9:00am-11:00am
Location: SBAOR Hall
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Sponsor: Craig Harries - Pop-A-Lock
Sponsor: Gisselle Flores - New American Funding

How to Represent a Multi Family Buyer or Seller
Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

Some Of What You Will Discover Includes-
How to put 4 marketing systems into action that will deliver every level of client.
How to qualify prospects in 3 minutes or less and ONLY work with clients who are ready to do business TODAY.
How to reach eager sellers with MASSIVE portfolios without having a single listing.

You Will Learn The Concepts:
How to analyze and determine value using the income approach
How to do a rent survey and the impact of market rent vs. actual rent on value
How investors make buying decisions.
How to talk to commercial brokers, How to get the appointment, what to say at the appointment.
How to use the income approach to analyze property and determine value.
How to use language effectively to separate yourself from everyone else, stand out, get business and GET PAID!
How to look different, sound different use different approaches to be unique.