Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence

Knowledge is power. Understanding the essence of environmental concerns as they bog down the transaction can save the day to the benefit of all stakeholders.

• What do Phase I and Phase II Environmental site assessments do? And not do?
• What kind of disclosures are there? What kind of testing is required?
• What are the costs for doing the reports?
• Is remediation always required for contaminated properties?
• What’s the difference between remediation and mitigation?
• How do we reduce environmental risks?

Presenter: Ami Adini, Principal, Ami Adini Environmental Services, Inc.

Ami Adini has been pioneering the environmental due diligence field since 1988 in the assessment and remediation of contaminated properties. Graduated in 1964 in mechanical engineering with additional credits in chemical and nuclear disciplines, he practiced in the design, operation, and maintenance of nuclear, chemical and industrial facilities. As a California General Engineering contractor since 1989, he was responsible for the abandonment and installation of dozens of underground and above-ground petroleum and chemical storage tank facilities. His classes on the environmental due diligence process are delivered in a simple, common-sense style geared for the uninitiated.

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Oct 03 2022


South Bay AOR

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