The Probate Process from A-Z for REALTORS®

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The Probate Process from A-Z for REALTORS®

Here’s what you’re going to learn:
•Learn directly from a probate attorney how to close a probate transaction fast
•Master basic probate vocabulary and probate real estate documents needed to close your transaction
•Learn how to how to buy probate property for yourself or when representing and investor
•Discover how to access probate properties not listed on the MLS
•The Probate Process from A to Z for Realtors/Investors
•How to give your home to your children tax-free
•How does a court confirmation probate sale work in real estate?
•The Probate Real Estate Sale Process: Full vs. Limited IAEA Authority
•The Probate Court confirmation and the overbidding process
•Appraising the Probate Home
•California’s new law “”Revocable Transfer on Death Deed””; new law for homeowners
•Protect and maximize your probate commission
•When and How to sell real estate under a conservatorship & living trust
•Using Proposition 19 to avoid property tax reassessment upon death of property owner
•The Benefits and Pitfalls of Joint Tenancy & Community Property Vesting
•Avoid capital tax gains by vesting title properly
•Can the State take my home if I go on Medi-Cal?

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Oct 13 2022


South Bay AOR

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