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The South Bay Association of REALTORS® has created the Government Affairs Program for the direct benefit, protection and advocacy of our members. We have joined REALTOR® Associations throughout California to monitor and partner with governments in order to create an environment friendly to REALTORS®. Through our thousands of REALTOR® members, SBAOR's strong voice ensures that we are heard and our concerns are addressed.

Please take advantage of the resources on this site that are available to help you conduct business in each city in the South Bay. Selling Requirements in Your City on this website will point you to specific ordinances, requirements, taxes, and licenses in each city. Please call SBAOR at (310)326-3010 if you have further questions or if your city has a new or changed requirement that is not listed here.

Every city makes decisions on taxation, zoning, point-of-sale procedures, sign placement, rent control and property rights. This directly impacts -- sometimes positively and sometimes negatively -- your client's ability to develop their properties and your ability to do business.

Brokers: Get Involved!
Help us motivate your agents to get involved in political action! We urge you to participate in the NAR's and CAR's Broker Involvement Program. It is completely FREE to you, and will make great stride in advocating for our business.

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