Homeownership Matters

If you are not at the table, you are on the menu. 

Protecting property rights, homeownership, and the housing industry.

Local, state and federal governments are actively involved in your real estate business and in every transaction – starting with the minute you get your real estate license. Every aspect of your business, starting from where you put your signs to how many inspections to do and how to file your taxes, is impacted by government actions every day.

At SBAOR, advocacy is an important part of the member benefits we offer. Sometimes government action is helpful and promotes homeownership, while other times unfortunately governments get in the way through onerous restrictions, taxes and fees. 

The REALTOR® Party and the REALTOR® Action Fund

The National Association of REALTORS® is taking the lead with the REALTOR® Party. This is a non-partisan activity but rather is a committed effort to promote and support homeownership in your community and across the United States. Find out more about the REALTOR® Party at NAR.

The REALTOR® Action Fund is a special resource in California to support candidates and ballot measures who are sympathetic to REALTOR® issues and toward supporting or opposing issues that impact REALTORS®.

Thanks to your generous voluntary contributions to the REALTOR® Action Fund, we are all making a difference! Unfortunately, there is much more work to do. Contact SBAOR today and find out more about how our local advocacy, the REALTOR® Party and the REALTOR® Action Fund can help.

2023 REALTOR® Action Fund Champions

  • Robert Morel
  • Novelette Witt
  • David Potter
  • Claudia Diaz
  • Steve Goddard
  • Annette Graw
  • William Hayworth
  • Edward Kaminsky
  • Katrina Matthews
  • Janet Palacio
  • Sandi Pfister
  • Jennette Toderick
  • Isabel Villarreal
  • Crystal West
  • Skip Zeleny
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