Teach a Class at our Association

We appreciate your interest in presenting to our association members. Professional development is vital to a successful real estate career and we look forward to reviewing your course information. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Thank you!

Please add all instructors that will be involved.
Please provide the best phone number to reach you with.
Your class title will be the headline and will show up on both our website and our social media.
Tell us what your class will be about. Please be as descriptive as possible so we can better evaluate your proposal.
Please put the class length in this format: #Hours, #Minutes
Please give three options. Keep in mind that this is not guaranteed.
If you will be providing for free, just put $0.
If you are charging for your class, you must provide a portion to the association.
Please note: All registrations will be done through our registration system. We do not provide you with our members email addresses or contact information. In addition, we will have our affiliate group members sponsor the food for the course. You are not permitted to provide your own sponsors.
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