Meeting Space Rental Request

Meeting Hall

Board Room

Rental Fees:

4 hours or less – $250
Full Day (9am-5pm) – $450
*Once your rental is approved, all rental fees will be due and are required to reserve your space.
***9am is the earliest you can come in and set-up and by 5pm the space needs to be cleaned up and cleared out.

The Meeting Hall is equipped with:

  • A podium
  • Projection screen
  • A multi-media projector
  • P.A. system with wireless & handheld microphones
  • Stage (handicap accessible)
  • WIFI internet access
  • Restroom facilities in meeting space

Coffee Request:
If you would like to order coffee for your event please check the box below. Decaffeinated coffee is not available. Coffee includes; Styrofoam cups, sugar, artificial sweetener, powdered creamer & stir sticks. The cost for refillable coffee:
For a half day rental – $50
For a full day rental – $100
Terms of Rental Contract:
  1. A $250 deposit may be required 48hrs prior to the date of the event. SBAOR reserves the right to withhold any or all of your deposit in the event that damage occurs as a result of your rental. A cleaning fee may be deducted for trash left behind or stains made in the carpet.
  2. Special Permits – Any special permits that may be required for your event are solely the responsibility of the renter. The permit(s) must be secured and copies provide to the SBAOR no later than 24hrs prior to the day of your event.
  3. You may NOT adhere anything to the ceiling or walls.
  4. Open-flames/candles are not allowed. All electrical and computer cords must be securely taped to the floor or covered by a mat, or rug.
  5. Cancellation Policy:
    Please use the chart below to figure applicable fees. If you cancel and your event is:
    • More than 2 weeks away – You will be charged 50% of your rental fee
    • 2 weeks to 48 hours away – You will be charged 75% of your rental fee
    • Less than 48 hours away- You will be charged the full room rental fee
    • No credits towards a future room rental fee will be given with any cancellation. All cancellations must be sent via email to Refund checks on room cancellations take up to three weeks for processing.
  6. NO-SHOWS (with no cancellation notice) will be charged the full room rental fee and any other applicable fees such as coffee charges. No portion of your payment will be refunded or credited towards a future room rental fee.
  7. All rental fees must be paid with a credit card. Checks will not be accepted.
  8. When serving refreshments, you must supply your own dishes, silverware, cups, glasses, paper towels, etc. ***Please note there are NO food or drinks allowed in the computer lab.
  9. The meeting space must be properly cleaned, the trash picked up and placed in the trash dispensers provided in the meeting room, the tables and chairs rearranged in the order they were found.
  10. All cleaning, and trash pickup, etc. must be done by you or your group on the day of the event. SBAOR staff does not provide cleanup
  11. All set-up must be done the day of the event and only during your rental time.
  12. You are responsible for any damages or theft of SBAOR property and AV equipment, including the microphones and cords, will be deducted from your deposit and any outstanding/additional charges will be invoiced to you or company.
  13. Rental availability hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  14. You must put the room set up back exactly how you found it. In other words, if you want to move tables out or add chairs etc., all must be put back before you leave.

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