Although the majority of real estate transactions close without incident, there is a possibility that a commission dispute could occur. When that happens, it can be successfully resolved by the parties through normal communication and negotiation. In the past, when negotiations failed, parties took their case to court. Today, they are taking their disputes to mediation and in most cases can save thousands of dollars in court costs and lawyer fees. Most real estate dispute cases can be successfully mediated if all parties are willing to make a good faith effort to resolve the dispute.

The South Bay Association of REALTORS® has a team of mediators who are highly trained and experienced. All of them are licensed real estate professionals. Mediation services are provided in an effort to help resolve disputes without the burden of extensive legal fees.

Fee Schedule

REALTOR® Commission Disputes:

  • REALTOR® commission disputes with a SBAOR member – requesting side pays $250
  • REALTOR® commission disputes with a non-SBAOR member – requesting side pays $450

The Association reserves the right to adjust fees or reject mediations depending on the complexity of the issues at hand.

To File:

  1. Read & Complete the Mediation Consent and Mediation Rules & Confidentiality Forms

  2. Once you have completed the above, please email any additional exhibits that you feel would be important for the mediators to review to Nikki Vasquez

  3. Once we receive your paperwork, we will contact the other party to attempt to schedule a mediation. We will contact you and let you know what the other party wants to do and, if they agree, we will schedule the mediation as soon as possible


For questions regarding Mediation requests, contact Nikki Vasquez at

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