Advanced 1031 Concepts

A D V A N C E D L E V E L A N D G O V E R N M E N T C H A N G E S ? ? ? • Updated Tax Bill in Congress to Change the Exchange and Other Areas??? • Related Parties Selling or Buying […]
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Beginning 1031 Concepts

Why so many Investors are Exchanging and How to take advantage of the Opportunity!!! 1. How the 1031 Exchange works 2. How to create new Investor Relationships in 2022 3. Marketing Material / Contact Letters 4. The different kinds of 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges 5. How to create additional Cash Flow for my Investor 6. […]
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Residential Disclosures

“Take an in-depth look at the most important Residential Real Estate Disclosures and the statutory obligations you and your clients have in completing them. All sellers and agents are required to disclose material facts and as a real estate agent you must have a thorough knowledge of the disclosures to be a good fiduciary. Learn […]
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